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Who ate all the pies?

12 Feb

I read in the newspaper the other week that a company in Lincolnshire had created the world’s first steak and Red Bull pie, designed to give you a boost, or wings, so to speak.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I need a caffeine boost, I’ll have a coffee, and if I fancy a pie, I’ll choose a steak and ale pastry delight – I don’t want any of this messing around and mixing of the two together, thank you very much. Which is why a couple of weeks ago, I started the day with my customary tall skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks and concluded the evening with a visit to the Newman Arms Pie Room for my dinner.

Listed as number three in the ‘Time Out 1000 things to do in London’ guide, the Newman Arms Pie Room offers “duvet-sized puffs of pastry” which “envelop such special fillings as venison in red wine” along with mash, veg and gravy. For a post-work Thursday night dinner, The Pie Room ticked every box and my MAHOOSIVE steak and Guinness pie certainly filled a hole and “wasn’t bad for a snack” as my great granddad always used to say after a large meal. While I stuck to the puff pastry version, my flatmate opted for the chicken and leek suet pudding which she described as “simply lavely.”

To celebrate the penultimate day of the working week, we then headed over to Bourne and Hollingsworth to counteract our manly pies with a slightly more feminine cocktail. Tucked away down an unassuming set of stairs, this cheeky basement cocktail bar resembles your granny’s front room with floral wallpaper and chintzy mismatched teacups and saucers to serve the cocktails in, which are usually almost too pretty to drink (but not quite):

To reflect their retro decor, Bourne and Hollingsworth’s cocktail list has a distinctive focus on old-time spirits such as gin and bourbon. Unfortunately though I committed a schoolgirl error and forgot to write down the name of the cocktail I had (the fruity one on the left), but I can guarantee that all the drinks I’ve had there have been tasty. What’s more, some are pretty potent –  my flatmate had a ‘Chimp’s Tea’ made from Monkey Shoulder whiskey, peach liqueur, Earl Grey tea syrup and orange zest which packed a punch and certainly warmed her up on a cold winter’s night.

Both the Newman Arms and Bourne and Hollingsworth provided the perfect atmosphere for Thursday night chilling and I’d thoroughly recommend a pie and cocktails evening (still not convinced on the steak and Red Bull pie idea though).