An alternative to Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc

10 Mar

It may be a relative newbie in the world of wine, but since New Zealand started producing Sauvignon Blanc commercially in the 1980s, it has taken the world by storm. If you did a poll amongst my friends, I’m pretty sure I could guarantee that 90% would say it’s their favourite wine and it’s no wonder really given the wine’s reliability, decent price and clean crisp flavours.

However, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a bit of a ‘wine rut’ so the other week I gave a French Sauvignon Blanc a go to see how it compared. The Loire Valley in France is the spiritual home of Sauvignon Blanc (although it probably originated in Bordeaux) and, without going into too much technical jargon, the limestone soils of the region give the grape its characteristic minerality and freshness.

Marks and Spencer’s Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Famille Bougrier 2011 £10.45 (said with my best Arsene Wenger French accent) is zesty, crisp and fresh with delicious lemon and gooseberry flavours that make you wish it was sunny and warm outside, rather than cold and drab as it is at the moment – definitely one to try over a Bank Holiday in the coming months:

Touraine SB


We enjoyed this wine with homemade pesto and tomato pasta which made for a satisfying Saturday evening dinner, followed by the obligatory back-to-back TV sesh of Take Me Out, followed by Take Me Out: the Gossip – I really am rock n roll:

Pesto pasta


Pesto is a tricky little bugger to match with wine because it tastes so fresh and yet so rich at the same time. I’d say the pine nuts in the pesto made the Touraine Sauvignon taste a little more acidic than it did on its own, but the herbal notes in the wine matched well with the perfumed basil and tomatoes.

All in all, a lovely, light elegant wine that I’d save for when the sun starts to shine (here’s a little taster to get us in the mood):




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