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Jamie’s 52 minute half meal

27 Aug

In the last few months I’ve made several dishes from Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals and, despite really enjoying the end products, I can honestly say I’ve never managed to complete one of his recipes in under an hour, never mind 30 minutes. And yes, Jamie, I followed your instructions by getting all my equipment ready first, using a mini blender to chop my herbs and taking multitasking to the extreme but seriously there’s only so fast one girl can go!

However, believing that everyone deserves another chance, last weekend I gave Jamie’s summer veg lasagne and Tuscan tomato salad a go. Miraculously, it was swelteringly sunny in London so the light lasagne of asparagus, pea and mint was spot-on for the weather. Despite misreading the ingredients list (I do this a lot resulting in recipes of varying success) and only adding one tub of cottage cheese to the lasagne, the meal was very tasty, if a little stodgy (my fault, not Jamie’s). The Tuscan salad was a good accompaniment too as the acidity of the tomatoes cut through and balanced out the creaminess of the lasagne:


This light summery meal was crying out for a crisp, refreshing white wine to accompany it so who was I to argue – Torres Vina Sol fitted the bill nicely and had lovely notes of apples, lemons and pineapples and at around £6 a bottle, you can’t complain. Widely available at all major retailers: